Akime's Weapons

Akime is a highly weapon based character. Most of her skills and attacks focus on using the weaponry passed down to her by her Arthurian and Onmyoujin parentage. While she may not have been trained in her abilities as well as she could have been, her abilities are inherited from Archeflour and Mitsuru.

Item of Power Excalibur, Sword of Arthur
^Massive Damage 30 Damage when using Excalibur
^Special Attack 100 Damage; Burning (-10), Flare (-10); Hand Held (10), Melee (10), Uses EN 10; 10 EN (4 BP)
^Attack Combat Mastery +2 ACV when wielding Excalibur

Excalibur. A name whispered throughout the ages, the legendary sword given to Arthur Pendragon, son of Uther Pendragon, by the nymph Viviane, the powerful Lady of the Lake, who forged it for the king when the sword he pulled from the stone as a lad was broken and shattered. It's said that the heart of the sword Excalibur is the sword bewitched by Merlin and set in the stone. She forged or reforged the sword to aid the king in his quest for the grail, and to claim his kingdom.

The name given to the newly forged sword by the Lady was Excalibur, meaning "to cut steel", and it lives up to the name, having the power and holy resolve to cut through most mundane metals, no matter how hard. But the sheer martial prowess that the sword contains within it's supernatural steel is not what makes it such a sought after magical artifact. Excalibur is brimming with powerful energy, and that alone is enough to make it a prized weapon. While Satsukiya doesn't know of it's true power, and is unwilling, or even incapable—especially without the long lost sheath, of unleashing that potential, the fact remains that others are not so forgiving. The gilded blade of Excalibur is more than just a weapon, it is in fact the key to the lost island of Avalon, and with it the transposed Camelot, both of which hold untold secrets and dangers locked away from humanity for thousands of years.

Excalibur is finely crafted. The Lady Vivianne knew the way to make a blade more than just a tool for killing another. Excalibur is a piece of art. Noticeably well crafted, and yet subdued. The blade is slightly longer than the average sword, and the handle as well, though not so much as to be unwieldy, only a few centimeters, but noticeable. The blade itself is intricate, and golden near the edges, pure unnatural silver making up the center, the two metals blending into electrum as if the sword were a single piece of metal instead of alloys. Despite the relative weakness of the individual metals, the mix of gold, silver, and cold iron creates a powerful and supernatural combination that never dulls, nor does it need sharpening. The sheath of the sword is just as beautiful, and just as powerful. Inlaid with rubies and emeralds, made of strong wood carved from a ten thousand year old ash tree in the center of Avalon, rugged leather from the monstrous hide of a cateblopes, and bound tightly in fine silk from far beyond the borders of the world. Such a magnificent creation confers upon the scabbard such holy power that whoever possessed it would never suffer from any mortal wound. However, in a fit of bravado, Arthur tossed the relic into a lake, claiming that without fear of death, a man could not truly live. The sword is not as powerful without it's compatriot and keeper, and dematerializes when the wielder wills it too, though the action requires a conscious effort, and can only be done by the proper owner.

Who the proper owner is is decided by The Will of Vivianne, a spell cast upon the sword. When used by the average person, the blade is nothing more than a tool to kill another. A pretty tool, but a tool still. Just another sword like any other, save for it's unique composition. Such a person is never the owner, only a borrower. Yet when a truly an individual who is truly gifted with magic (100+ EN) grasps the sword, or defeats its owner, Excalibur becomes more than a tool, more than a weapon. It becomes a relic. An artifact. It confers the full extent of it's powers to that person, unconditionally. Even the darkest fiend in the deepest pit of Hell could wield the blade, though they would no doubt find it distasteful and highly offensive.

Item of Power Clarent, The King Slayer
^Defencive Combat Mastery +2 DCV when wielding Clarent
^Massive Damage 20 Damage when using Clarent
^Special Attack 40 Damage; Vampiric (2) (-20); Hand Held (10), Melee (10)

Unlike the other Pendragon sword, Clarent was not inherently magical. It was nothing more than a ceremonial sword used for services and other events. It wasn't until the sword was stolen by Mordred, the son of the union between Arthur and his sister Morganna, that it became a weapon blessed with unholy powers. It's unknown how such a relic fell into the hands of the Pendragon family once more, though it is passed down with the Excalibur as part of the Legacy of Guenevere.
Used by Mordred to slay his father and uncle, Clarent was gifted with fell magicks, and used for evil. However, just as Excalibur could be used for evil, so too could Clarent be used for good.

The blade itself is large, at least twice as wide as other blades of it's type, short and thick. It may not have been intended for it, but the elegant form of the blade is perfect for blocking attacks. While it isn't made for combat, and it's blade is dull and blunt, it is still no doubt a powerful weapon, capable of delivering large amounts of damage, which are also transfered to the wielder, in a strange act of lifedrinking. It is one of the most revered relics of the Pendragon family, almost as much as Excalibur itself. It serves as a reminder that no matter how beautiful a weapon is, that deep down it is still just a tool, and any tool can be used for good or ill. It also acts as a sort of silent warning to never let The Sword of Vivianne fall into the wrong hands.

Item of Power Satsukiya Family Relic: May Arrow
^Massive Damage 50 Damage when using May Arrow
^Special Attack 50 Damage; Auto-fire (-30), Accurate (-10) Spreading (-10); Limited Shots (20), Hand-Held (10), Slow (20)

While Akime's primary weapons, the swords Clarent and Excalibur, are from her mother's side of the family, the May Arrow comes from Mitsuru, and has been passed down through it's eponymous family throughout a thousand thousand generations, from the time when Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi, and Sasuno-o walked the earth still. The bow is an exceptional relic, capable of producing arrows through onmyou magic collected within it's form.


The bow itself is a traditional Japenese yumi, standing two meters tall, much taller than Satsukiya Akime herself. The bow requires no arrows, which are created by the May Arrow itself.

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