Akane Ibuki
Who am I kidding? We all know I'm not fooling anyone.


Akane is an Oni. She's from the underworld, or wherever oni come from. She joined the party due to a gross misunderstanding as to what the word meant in context. So far, she's been too drunk to notice, though she often comments upon the frequent fights, the fact that nobody wants to share her liquor (or her bed), and other such things that strike her as odd. She's a happy-go-lucky sort who is usually in some advanced stage of inebriation, and claims she'll never suffer a hangover if she stays drunk all the time. Her general modus operandi seems to be to get drunk, get huge, and then throw boulders or smash things. She is occasionally capable of cunning subtlety, given that she can turn into a mist, or shrink in size to sneak around a bit better. She also never lies, if she can help it. All in all, a trustworthy and entertaining sort to have around.

She works and resides as a hostess at a local bar, where her various abilities and centuries of working with alcoholic everages of all sorts are put to good use.


Akane's appearance changes slightly when she changes size, notably that when she shrinks, she appears to become a little girl version of her normal self.

Character Sheet

Note: Values after slashes are with growth active.

Ability Scores

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score 18/26 12 18/22 10 10 12
Bonus +4/+8 +1 +4/+6 0 0 +1

20 PP

Carrying Capacity (in lb): effective strength score of 33/46

Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Maximum Load Push/Drag
532/2 tons 1064/4 tons 1600/6 tons 3200/12 tons 8000/30 tons

Saves and Combat

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will Attack Defense Grapple
+7/+9 +8/+10 +7 +5 +10/+9 melee, +8/+7 else 19/18 +17/+25

34 PP


Skill Ranks Ability bonus Check Bonus
Profession: Bartender 10 +1 +11
Athletics 8 +4 +12
Endurance 8 +4 +12
Diplomacy 8 +1 +9
Notice 10 0 +10
Stealth 10 +1 +11
Insight 6 0 +6
Craft: Brewing 8 +0 +8

13 PP

Not sure where else to put this: Wealth bonus: +5 (Base of +8, +2 for profession skill over 5 ranks).
Recent expenditure(s): Room and board - 1, New clothes from nice faries -4


  • Evasion 2
  • Fearless
  • All-Out Attack
  • Attack Focus (melee) 2
  • Defensive Attack
  • Elusive Target
  • Improved Block 1
  • Power Attack
  • Takedown Attack 1
  • Sucker Punch
  • Soothing Determiner 2 (DC 12)
  • Thrown Mastery 1
  • Grappling Block
  • Improved Grapple
  • Improved Initiative
  • Choke hold
  • Accurate Attack
  • Improved grab
  • Throw Enemy - After successful grapple, can throw an enemy into another enemy. Both take damage equal to the character's strength bonus. Character suffers -2 to AC until next action.


  • Decanter of Endless Sake 1 PP
    • Device, Power: Create object. Limited: Sake only. Power Loss: Only refills itself/one container at a time.
    • A large sake gourd Akane carries around. It never runs out of alcohol…for long. Which is good, the way she drinks. Cannot be used for shenanigans such as flooding rooms or creating alcoholic geysers, but it can keep a party going as long as everyone likes sake.
  • Growth 4, 3 PP/rank + 2 alternate powers, Power feat: Precise = 15 PP
    • Akane can grow to large size. She gains +2 strength, +1 constitution per rank of growth. At large size, she gains +5 ft/round in movement, -1 to attack/defense, +4 to grapple checks, -4 to stealth, +2 to intimidate attempts, space/reach of 10 feet, and and effective +5 to strength for carrying capacity.
    • Shrink 6 ranks, 1 PP/rank+1/rank extra, Power feat: Precise = 13 PP, Alternate Power for Growth
      • Akane can shrink to small size, too. She retains her normal strength, carrying capacity, and movement speed. +1 attack/defense, -4 grapple, +4 stealth, -2 intimidation.
    • Insubstantial 2 ranks, 5 pp/rank = 10 PP, alternate power for Growth
      • Akane can turn into mist. She has no strength, but is immune to physical attacks. Energy and area attacks still affect her. She can flow through anything that isn't airtight.
  • Super Strength 3 ranks, 2 PP/rank+2 power feats = 8 PP. Power feats: Innate, Groundstrike
    • Akane, like all oni, is supernaturally strong. Adds +5/rank to strength score for determining carrying capacity. Also adds +1 to certain strength-related checks involving sustained application of force or pressure. Akane can also strike the ground, creating a tremor radiating out from her to a distance of (str bonus x 10) feet. She makes a strength check, and anyone in the radius of effect must roll to resist a trip equal to her check result. The check result is reduced by -1 for every 10 feet between Akane and the target, up to its maximum range, and targets may make a reflex save to halve the strength check result.
  • Immunity: Poisons 1 PP+1 power feat = 2 PP. Power feat: Innate
    • Oni are generally not bothered by poisons, although they certainly like to drink, so they at least get the enjoyable effects of recreational drugs. Their livers must be truly immortal to process all that alcohol, which…helps, upon consuming a more toxic substance.
  • Protection 3 ranks, 1 PP/rank = 3 PP
    • Akane has an additional +3 to toughness saves. This does mean she has a defense trade off, with a maximum defense bonus of +3, maximum toughness of +9. Her toughness is usually +7/+9.
  • Strike 6 ranks, 3 ranks with the Area: Cone extra. 9 PP DC 21 toughness, DC 16 reflex save for DC 18 toughness.
    • Akane can spit out a cloud of burning sake in front of her. Don't ask how, it just works.
  • Mind Shield 2 ranks, 1pp/r, 2 PP
    • I'm too drunk for your Jedi mind tricks. Adds +2 to will saves, immune to anything targeting will save with a save DC equal to or lower than this power's rank.
  • Pub Crawling Teleport, 9 ranks, Long range only, Medium: Bars, Requires Profession (Bartender) check, Drawback: Action 3, Progression: Mass 3. 3 PP
    • If she knows a place, Akane can get to a bar. Even across the continent. Surprisingly quickly. She rolls her skill check, and the roll determines whether she finds a bar at all, with better rolls meaning better quality of bar. She can drag up to 1000 pounds of people and stuff with her. No matter the distance, she arrives at her destination after 20 minutes of drunken wandering. Maximum range is 20,000 miles.


  • Akane suffers from truly nasty hangovers, provided she can actually stay sober that long. This will very likely require outside intervention.
  • Being an Oni, and therefore a demon, Akane may face the occasional prejudice. Her "youthful" appearance may bring the same.


  • Noticeable Akane's an oni. Everyone her horns. She probably also smells like a distillery. +1 PP
  • Beer Googles The curse of the drunkard. Akane, like anyone else who is drunk, will tend to act inappropriately due to a lack of inhibitions. People and things look better and more trustworthy, groping the prince(ss) in the middle of the palace reception seems like a perfectly good idea, and so on. The GM should consider this an excuse to suggest some very goofy things to do, or disallow will saves/checks to resist mental influence/seduction. Very common occurrence, Mild intensity. + 3 PP


PL 9

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