Akaike Kuko

To yet be stated ditz.

Name Akaike Kuko Call sign Ice Fairy
Player Scribblefag Allegiance NEG special para-psycic group
Story teller Vega Profession Student/Minor NEG special para-psycic group agent
Story A certain insane para-psychic (Railgun Ctech) Race Human
Virtue Optimist Flaw Patience
Attribute Ratting Feat Level
Agility 3 1
Intellect 5 2
Perception 6 3
Presence 8 4
Strength 6 3
Tenacity 8 4
Secondary Attributes
Actions 1
Movement 5( 9mph (22/5 ypt))
Orgone 11
Reflex 5
Vitality 12
Points 1
Name Effect
On person
Skill Expertise Attribute base
Computer student (1 die) Intelligence
Misdirect adept (3 dice) Presence
+ Focus: Distract
Observe student (1 die) Perception
Persuasion adept (3 dice) Presence
Seduction student (1 die) Presence
Trivia (pop culture, entertainment) Novice (2 dice) Intelligence
Dodge Novice (2 dice ) Agility
Marksmen student (1 die) Perception
Para-Psychic Powers
Power Expertise Attribute base
Cryokinis Adept (3 dice) Tenacity
+ Focus : Environmental temperatures
Hyper Speed Student (1 die) Tenacity
Name Effect Point Values
Latent Para-Psychic - 4
Erupted Para-Psychic Para-Psychic powers 2
Alluring +2 presence governed interaction skills, -2 for intimidation 2
Fast +1 reflex, movement is one category higher 2
Authority Part of (Justice) 1
Name Effect Point Value
Truly honest -4 to lie attempts 2
Duty Duty to group (justice) 1
Primary Environmental
Secondary Somatic
Tetrary Manipulation
Para-Psychic Powers
First Order Load Difficulty Initiation Maintenance
Cryokinis 2 Turns average 3 1
Second Order Load Difficulty Initiation Maintenance
Hyper Speed None Easy 1 (first hour ) 1 (per hour))
Third Order Load Difficulty Initiation Maintenance
Level Vitality Current Effect
Flesh 12 None
Light 24 -1 Penalty
Moderate 36 -3 Penalty/Half move/Max 2 actions /Half Armor
Serious 48 -6 Test Penalty/Crawl/Max 1 action/No Armor
Death's Door 60 Unconscious & dying
Human Attribute bonus Tenacity
Human Skill bonus (Misdirect, Trivia)
Erupted para-psychic (Cryokinis)
Focus Misdirect : Distract
Focus Cryokinis : Environmental temperature
Cheat: Increase a first order power to novice (Cryokinis) 2 cheat points
Cheat: Increase a first order power from novice to adept (Cryokinis) 2 cheat points
Cheat: Gain first order Sensory or Somatic power (Hyper agility) 2 cheat points
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