Airi Sakurano

Exaltations Anonymous - Airi Sakurano


Name Airi Sakurano
Concept Sherlock Holmes -tan
Exalt Type: Solar
Caste: Twilight
Intimacies Positive (+), Negative (-)

  • Challenging or unusual cases (+)
  • Tea (+)
  • Information on the First Age (+)

Motivation: Figure out why Solar exalted are reappearing.
Anima Banner: It's going to be golden butterflies until I get better ideas.


Airi was born to a well-to-do family in Nexus. She had a fairly typical childhood involving the usual education, though she also spent much of her free time reading and learning things on her own. Most people wrote her off as an eccentric. Eventually, she refused to marry and more or less left her family, with enough money to survive for some time, and started her own personal business as a "consulting detective," whatever that meant. She is quite good at it, however. It requires a certain amount of skill to get the attention of the occasional major player in the area, before exaltation.

Post-exaltation, things haven't changed much. She still maintains her line of work, though it's gotten a bit easier. She still tries to maintain a low public profile. She hunted down a few artifacts and other such things which she could use, of course. Finding the manse was probably the trickiest part of the whole affair, however. She has several ongoing personal projects and studies at any given time, as it's that or the cocaine, when it comes to keeping herself occupied.

I don't have anything witty for once; it's a chick with heterochromia in fancy clothes, sitting on a couch.


  • Compassion 3
  • Conviction 4
  • Temperance 2
  • Valor 2
  • Virtue Flaw Heart of Flint I'd make a custom one if I had any good ideas.
    • Logic above all. Airi feels and expresses no emotions and considers only efficiency when it comes to course of action. Also 2-die penalty on all social rolls.
      • Duration: one full day
      • Limit Break Condition: Airi is frustrated by the intemperate or childish nature of the world around her.

Willpower 7

Essence 2

  • Personal 13/13
  • Peripheral 22/32
  • Committed amount ( 10m Peripheral)


Strength 2
Dexterity 5
Stamina 2

Charisma 2
Manipulation 1
Appearance 4

Perception 4
Intelligence 4
Wits 3


Caste/Aspect/Attribute (bold any favored/caste/aspect abilities)

  • Archery 5 Powerbows 2
  • Athletics 3
  • Awareness 3
  • Dodge 5 When using a bow 2
  • Integrity 3
  • Presence 1
  • Investigation 5
  • Lore 3
  • Medicine 1
  • Occult 3
  • Craft 1 ??
    • Craft: Water 3
  • Linguistics 3
    • Riverspeak, Old Realm, Low realm, Forest-tongue


  • Manse 3 - Gladestalker stone
  • Resources 3 - Detective work pays well.
  • Artifact 2 - Short powerbow
  • Artifact 2 - Hearthstone bracers
  • Artifact 1 - breastplate


  • Orichalcum breastplate - Armor
  • Orichalcum short powerbow - Bow/weapon; Gladestalker stone socketed
  • Orichalcum hearthstone bracers
  • Quiver with arrows. Mostly target arrows.
  • Clothes - Completely inappropriate for the generally Eastern theme of Creation, perfectly appropriate in England around the 1800s.


Name Cost Type & Duration Page
Second Archery Excellency 2m per success Reflexive; Instant Core 184
Trance of Unhesitating Speed 2m or 4m per attack Extra action; Instant Core 187
Arrow Storm Technique 8m, 1wp Supplemental; Instant Core 187-88
Essence Arrow Attack 2m Supplemental; Instant Core 188
Shadow Over Water 1m Reflexive; Instant Core 227
Seven Shadow Evasion (Con) 3m Reflexive; Instant; Obvious Core 227
Leaping Dodge Method 3m Reflexive; Instant core 227
Integrity-Protecting Prana 5m, 1wp Reflexive; one day Core 199
Second Investigation Excellency 2m per success Reflexive; Instant Core 184
Crafty Observation Method 5m Simple (DV-1); Instant Core 213
Judge's Ear Technique 3m Reflexive; one scene core 213
Sagacious Reading of Intent 3m Reflexive; Instant Core 233
Second Linguistics Excellency 2m per success Reflexive; instant core 184
Spirit-Detecting Glance 3m Reflexive; One Scene Core 221
Spirit-Cutting Attack 1m Supplemental; instant Core 221


Combat Stats
Attack Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Tags
Short Powerbow 6 18 10L + ammo - 2 300 2, B
Join Battle/Debate/War ?/?/?
Movement 5 yards Dash 11 yards
Jump (H) 10 yards Jump (V) 5 yards
Dodge DV 9 Parry DV :V
Mental Dodge 6 Mental Parry 4
Soak 8B 9L 8A
-Natural 2B 1L 0A
-Armor 6B 8L 8A
Hardness 3B 3L 0A?

Bonus Points

Improvement Cost
Archery 3 -> 5 2 BP
Dodge 3 -> 5 2 BP
Investigation 3 -> 5 2 BP
Specialties 2 BP
Conviction 4 3 BP
Resources 3 3 BP
Artifact 1 1 BP


Improvement Cost
Integrity Protecting Prana 8 xp
Craft: Water 3 4 xp
Judge's Ear technique 8 xp
Essence Arrow: other options 2 xp
Linguistics 3 4 xp
Spirit-Cutting Attack 8 xp
Leaping Dodge Method 8 xp
Second Linguistics Excellency 8 xp
Temperance 2 3 xp
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