Adventures Wanted

Adventures Wanted

Adventures Guild

-=For Your Ruin scrounging, Monster slaying, and package delivering needs=-

Adventures wanted is to be a light hearted if not completely silly game about an adventures guild and an upstart group wanting to climb it's ranks for fame and fortune. No expectations of long story line or even good story line, this is episodic gaming at it's worst.

To be run in M&M with some yet to be determined house rules probably around Power level 5 with a free 15 point template once they are made.

Characters are done at power level 5 with a free 15 point template. Templates are to be made by players. All powers must be innate. Note you can improve upon template powers with your standard allotment of points.

adventures_wanted_houseules Rules on the guild, wealth, and some augmentations to powers and rules.

adventures_wanted_templates Not all here but they are getting in there.

Notes and player plans

PP earned
62 PP
PL9 now

Contracts completed
Rat trap
Theater disappearance.
Zombie removal
Book Brouhaha
Minor devil problem
Prissy princess pilfered please protect
He rides again
Quest for the Holy artifact
A count and development
Books of a feather
Oni one need to fix up some things

Contracts current

Guild wealth
19 wealth
Strange statue from winning the guilds game
chia has 4
aud hogging 4

Guild notoriety
14 You're on

Guild building features
2 bed rooms 1 and a half beds!
a bigger table with 4 crappy chairs
another really bad coat stand!
A dozen exploding beetles in small cages

Perks earned
Sewer travel
Not so legal magic shop
Zombie that ride rats
Giant invisible alligator minion… if it can be proded to do anything

Plans current
'Collect' more vassals


History of the world of Generica

In the beginning there was nothing, and then gods decided that was too boring and made existence. Upon finding that too boring they added space, then time, then matter, then energy.
After all this they were still bored and that's where things got wacky. The created life, and from that life they slowly got bored and began making more elaborate and more "interesting" life. They got into conflicts over which was the most interesting and made them had wars which amused some of the gods but not all.
This continued for millions of years until they made the supreme being of amusement.
The platypus.
With this great achievement they felt their work was done and retired leaving some of their own creations to take their mental and do whatever somewhere else as they could not top what they created here without starting anew. So the old gods are gone and uncaring these "new" gods keep things running for their own amusement. So really nothing's changed beyond how much gods dick around with mortals.

World at large


With the tales of creation over on to the boring population.

Nations of the known world.

Within the continent of Landmasia there are 6 acknowledged major players. While there are more "nations" they are really just jokes as far as the leaders are concerned.

The Common alliance: nations that were too weak to stand on their own banded together to overthow some ancient nation. Now they go around overthrowing weaker nations or forcing them to join their coalition.

The Beautiful congregation of fantastical hopes and dreams: A purely fae hierarchy that hopes to develop a culture to bring the old gods back. They don't have an army that activity goes around forcing other nations to bow down to it as that's too much work and having to deal with "lower" cultures.

Windy Blades of the Desert: A mostly human and nature born alience based off the great hot desert of sand. Not the brightest or most imaginative bunch (just look at what they named their region) but if you want to establish a place or travel in their you better get on good terms with them or they activly tell the raiding population who they "are" protection.

Nation of expanse: Made up of "little ones" and demihumans interested in figuring out how to fuck with reality without speaking with the "new" gods. They look for new regions to claim and try their hardest to find old technology that was left behind by cultures that were directly influenced by old ones.

Legion of Ire: Demihumans and those who can stand them following what they call "ascended" demihumans. They don't do much since they are more at war with themselves then the outside world but still cause enough havoc to be recognized as a "nation". It is said these "ascended" demihumans are one step below godhood and are immortal without having to resort to cheap magic tricks.

Eye of Calm: The oddest nation to arise, it is based mostly on providing for others and pacifism. It is common for territories under its "rule" to be one of the other nations on the map as they put up no resistance and help whoever "conquers" them. Somehow they are still around, probably due to the fact they commonly send people skilled in healing arts all around the world at no cost.

The great five "races".

As requested by the fae to determine who are fae and who aren't fae so they could ignore them without thinking as much. While highly generalized and stereotypical no one can quite deny the system doesn't work.

The fae: the snobs of everything with their "culture" and "magic" yet are so lazy they do not try to enforce this beyond hap hazard restrictions, taxations, and trades. Pointy ears, blond hair, and an attitude that often makes anyone beyond another fae want to be around them are the trademark of this species.

The Mundane: an over eager bunch, living and dieing in droves they are most notable for the slaying of a world dragon which only took 400 adventures 3 days with over 1000 resurrections on the battlefield. To their dismay this world dragon was so old zinc was the new hottest metal and everything in it's lair was made of it.

The "little ones": the tradesmen of the world and prefer to be called by their own made up distiction from each other, which isn't much and they are all only about 4 and a half feet tall and look like humans or elves otherwise. By tradesmen I mean they fall in love with an aspect and it becomes all consuming for them. Popular ones are Metalsmithing,Alchemy,and thieving even though fae and mundane do not consider it a trade skill.

The Demihumans : Mortals blessed with a little more power then they should. Often they don't even have a race as much as an affliction of magic, those "blessed" with darkness are often goblins or kobolds or other fantastic creatures. Regardless they are very much set in their ways that have "some" relations to their powers.

The Nature born : Towards the end on one great bout of inspiration the gods ran out of ideas to fit in this "reality" and decided to start mixing things up. These are the results, mundanish standard blending with something else for giggles. Some are more willing to try and get with society then others but there are always roaming bands acting like animals they believe they should be.

The others

The Beautiful congregation of fantastical hopes and dreams on investigation have classified these as "not having significant spiritual or physical personification to be deemed even lower then non fae "races" ". Open season for the most part, odd things magical based creation and undead creations. Most are destructive enough that people want them gone but others are ignorable or actually beneficial and would be quite pissed if you kill them for loot.

The undead
Some people revive things wrong or just don't care enough to get it right and you get something that's rotting or is just an echo of it's former self. Some peasant communities have taken to raising their own dead for farm work, some lords have risen dead to eliminate paying peasants to do farm work, one is considered great while the other is sometimes outlawed by kings funny how that works?

A catch all category that can be summed up as magic with a fake physical form. Some are known for their creation others can only be guessed. While fae consider them all the same most people think of them as 3 categories.

  • Magic: Magic given form usual a living spell or a so called elemental. Various in intelligence but they generally like the area around them like them. IE a fire "elemental" doesn't mind setting things on fire since it makes the area look better to it's unnatural sensory arrays. Common answer to why such things exist is that a wizard did it but there are areas where they occur naturally and some think they are the labor force of gods. Some go further to try and take up the gods on that idea and use them as such, varying results and scorched,flooded, and rock encrusted villages tell that tale.
  • Personifications: Vaguely mundane or even demihuman like things that can "function" very much like a living creature. The body is a complete fabrication while it may need nutrient the reduce the amount of magic needed to keep up the facade the core is a very odd collection of unnatural energy and near immortal memories. They are very much intelligent though their morals are odd to say the best. They often have a dedication to an ideal or emotion leading to some odd interactions. They often offer an exchange of information or acts for the client to act on the personification's "core value" or chunks of their soul. We still don't know why they would want souls. Prime idea is old god dickery though some claim to be only a couple hundred years old, though the ones that actually talk more then business are the ones that can lie through there teeth.
  • Possessing: Conceptual that takes bits and pieces of real things to interact with the real world, sometimes they take whole people other times they look like a living pile of leaves. Threat level varies with what they feel like doing. Ideas about these things are about as varied as political ideas.

Things that can rarely be said to have parents or even a reason to be. The only thing they have in common is that they are so bizarre and nonsensical they don't fall under being anything natural. How lethal or moral these things are up in the air. Common rule of thumb, kill it before you get to find out because sometimes they figure out ways to turn you into one of them.

World at small

The central Adventer's Guild is located in Bizihafen, a port city that has a nice bay with islands to keep it from being obliterated by bad weather. Busy little place and has trade all over the eastern coast due to it's central location. Even has so ships chartered to go to the west coast every few weeks. Other then that it's big enough and infamous enough to get all sorts of people with problems. You'd know more but no one took history.


Characters that Scribblefag gets to play MPD with.


People who play this game hopefully.
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