Name: Jennifer Thompson
Race: Caucasian
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Background: Impact Survivor
Class: Skirmisher
Rank (1): Scout

Appearance and Personality:
Jen is a fairly good looking white female born and raised in America. Blond hair down past her shoulders and sharp blue eyes complement the athletic body and fashion-aware image she often projects. Of dubious merit, her greater age than the other pilots has allowed her figure to fill out and for a wealth of experiences, both good and bad. She's not thrilled about being the oldest pilot by far and may not be the most willing of pilots, but she is remarkably good about hitting what she sets her eyes on.
While for a time she was exceptionally proper and driven, college and after wards has given way to a more laid-back personality, at least on the surface. Still, when she doesn't have to be an ice woman, she prefers to relax a slight bit. She has found constant stress to be something to avoid, if possible, and that can help. Plus, teasing her younger fellow pilots can be funny (and may help them deal with the almost inevitable craziness they'll yet suffer).
As such, she'll change from light teasing, to bitter disbelief, to calculated killing machine, and then start flirting. And she'll have mannerisms you'd expect from all of them. Whatever she may appear on the outside, she will tend to take notice of her surroundings and will generally try to keep her options open.

Jennifer Thompson was born to a loving father and mother in America's heartlands, and followed by her younger sister. Theoretically. Practically, their family was one that was well resourced and driven to succeed. The best schools, the best sports, the best performances, and less personal time than most inmates. Not the best of everything (sure, they had some money, but very well off is still not the riches available before the Impact), but they were to make the best of everything they could, and they did. Or, at least that was the plan.
Second Impact happened and her mother didn't make it. Her father took the reigns and little Jenny semi took up the mantle of mother for her younger sister. They weren't as well off, but they persevered and were even successful. Things became stressed and strained, but you stick by your family. Once her father died, she and her sister were left to something like their own desires and a government halfway house of sorts as they finished up their youth (along with some designated funds that could only benefit their schooling).
Her education started taking a turn for the less than legal as the changing climate of the post-Impact world started leaking into her own. It's amazing what you can get up to with a degree in Chemistry and ready training at your school's marksmanship team. She finished up her schooling early enough to take up with some 'friends' who 'troubleshot'. This later part led to her catching the attention of Nerv, where they certainly didn't have her remanded into their custody when she was caught doing something she really shouldn't have. And they certainly didn't take the opportunity to test out synchronization methods, because that would be unethical.
As her luck would have it, she actually succeeded in synchronizing. Given the small pool of people and some reassurance that she wouldn't be running free, they eventually saw fit to have her synch up with an Evangelion. They perhaps saw irony in having her synch with the newly finished Eva that had low ratios for all others but was so richly decorated with symbols of national loyalty. This was before they realized that Evangelions even could manage to choose a single pilot and refuse to synch with any other. Stuck with her for now, they proceeded to further her training. Until another pilot for Unit 8 can be found, she's one of the only ones Nerv has. So far, she hasn't overstepped her bounds (too much at least), so this is only a major setback that falls behind the much larger setbacks of the Angels showing up.

Evangelion Unit 06:
A dull green to blend in and white highlights help to make this unit somewhat camouflaged. As much as something of its size can be while walking around, at least. A weapon rack on the back of the unit allows her to cart around weapons such as her standard issue pallet gun hands-free (Jen hasn't quite given up on eking some use out of the weapon that doesn't involve throwing it at oncoming Angels). More unusually, Unit 8 has two extra rows of eyes above the first, often seen roaming the landscape.
Not content to leave well enough alone, public relations managed to have a few words when this was designed. As a result, a rather distinct eagle's head is blazoned across the chest of this unit with smaller designs showing various flags and other such symbols as a partial background. PR was quite proud of their work, and the public's response, though Jen is less so (then again, most cover will hide the symbol somewhat, and there is only so much you can sneak around in something as huge as an Evangelion).
For whatever reason, this Unit always produced lackluster results during the experimental synchronization tests, more so than would normally be expected given the other Units response. Perhaps as a form of irony, NERV decided to test Jen in the unit only to find that she synched just fine. And that no one else could thereafter synchronize, even other verified pilots. Like it or not, NERV has accepted her as a pilot, at least for the time being. Still, NERV can be expected to attempt to continue their attempts to make the Units more usable, and they seem to have arranged to have another Unit that suffers the same problem brought over to the states.

Personal Statistics:

name at max
Wounds 12 12
EGO 100 100
Fate 2 2
Insanity 6 100
Fatigue Level none
Name Rating Bonus
Weapon Skill 31 3
Ballistic Skill 36 3
Strength 29 2
Toughness 31 3
Agility 35 3
Intelligence 37 3
Perception 37 3
Willpower 31 3
Fellowship 28 2
Synch Ratio 47 (50 in Unit 08) 4 (5)
Positive traits
Just Try Me Reduce Sanity damage taken by WB (to a minimum of 1).
Resourceful When spending a fate point to add a degree of success, instead add 2 degrees.
Negative traits
Uncomfortable Memories Living through a world going through Second Impact and the changes that followed has left her with some things she'd rather not remember. A certain trigger will remind her of those: she takes -20 to Willpower Tests for as long as the trigger is there, and for 1d5 rounds after.
Trauma The horrors of war have taken their toll on her, even if she doesn't try to show it. -5 Insanity Points off the bat.
AT Powers
name Action Cost Effect
Deflective Field Half or Full spead, maintain Free N/A Raising the field and keeping it in passive mode gains a 10% chance of deflection per unspent ATS (Normally, 50%)
Neutralize 1 Half, maintain free 1+ May spend points to reduce the ATS of 1 target within 20 DM lower at a 1:1 ratio.
Quick Reference Pilot Traits (all factored into math where applicable)
SR: 31-50: -10 to WS, BS, AG tests. +10 to feedback.
Eyes: 1/round reroll failed Awareness Test, +3 BS.
Uncanny Luck: 1/session subtract 2d10 from a failed skill check.
Name Rating Type Attribute Status
Awareness 18 Basic Perception Untrained, x1/2
Barter 14 Basic Fellowship Untrained, x1/2
Carouse 14 Basic Fellowship Untrained, x1/2
Charm 14 Basic Fellowship Untrained, x1/2
Climb 14 Basic Strength Untrained, x1/2
Concealment 17 Basic Agility Untrained, x1/2
Contortionist 17 Basic Agility Untrained, x1/2
Deceive 28 Basic Fellowship Proficient
Demolitions 37 Advanced Intelligence Proficient
Disguise 14 Basic Fellowship Untrained, x1/2
Dodge 17 Basic Agility Untrained, x1/2
Drive 17 Basic Agility Untrained, x1/2
Evaluate 18 Basic Intelligence Untrained, x1/2
Gamble 37 Basic Intelligence Proficient
Inquiry 14 Basic Fellowship Untrained, x1/2
Intimidate 14 Basic Strength Untrained, x1/2
Literacy 37 Advanced Intelligence Proficient
Logic 18 Basic Intelligence Untrained, x1/2
Lore, Common (Science) 37 Basic Intelligence Proficient
Lore, Common (Second Impact) 37 Basic Intelligence Proficient
Lore, Common (United States) 37 Basic Intelligence Proficient
Lore, Scholastic (Chemistry) 47 Advanced Intelligence Trained, +10
Scrutiny 18 Basic Perception Untrained, x1/2
Search 18 Basic Perception Untrained, x1/2
Shadowing 35 Advanced Agility Proficient
Silent Move 17 Basic Agility Untrained, x1/2
Sleight of Hand 35 Advanced Agility Proficient
Speak Language (English) 37 Advanced Intelligence Proficient
Swim 14 Basic Strength Untrained, x1/2
Tech Use 37 Advanced Intelligence Proficient
Name Value Effect
Academic 200 Trained in 2 common lores and 1 scholastic lore; Talented in one of them; +20 on research downtime.
(She's certainly bright and had time earlier during her youth to pick up more than a little knowledge. Of course, not all of it was learned the way it probably should have been, and she's not always particularly orthodox. While she advanced faster than normal, more than a few distractions have left her focused on other things of immediate survival for some time.)
Soldier 300 You have some prior experience with combat, and have fought battles outside of an Evangelion before coming to Nerv.
* Battlefield Experience (as "Jaded" Talent): normal scenes of carnage are old and don't scare her; freakish terrors from beyond are still new though.
* Armsmaster (as the same Talent): take a -10 penalty instead of the normal -20 for untrained use of a gun.
* This Gun is Mine: She may un-jam a weapon as a half action.
* Overzealous: Add 1 additional collateral damage to the pool for any battle she participates in.
Troublemaker 200 Trained in any 2: Concealment, Deceive, Gamble, Silent Move, Sleight of Hand. -20 on their skill for apparent authority to use coercion against her through Command or Charm.
Uncanny Luck 100 Treat Gamble as trained; Once a session, Jen may subtract 2d10 from an already rolled skill.
Name Value Effect
Compulsive Behavior 100 Your character suffers from the psychological need to repeat some specific act, often to combat some anxiety or depression. This act need not be dangerous or especially time consuming, but must be a significant detour from a normal routine. In every session, until this action can be completed, the character takes a -10 penalty to all tests. Should the compulsive behaviour be conditional (such as holding open doors for crowds) failure to do so when presented the opportunity triggers the -10 penalty for 1 hour.
(She may not always be polite or professional, but having a plan to kill everyone she meets is right up her alley. She will maintain her weapons and equipment, and habitually examine exits wherever she might be.)
Dark Secret 100 A ruinous secret; permanently halve your Fellowship when dealing with any that know your secret.
(What, were you expecting her to just tell you?)
Slow healer 200 Whenever you regain wounds for any reason you regain 1 less wound to a minimum of 1.
(She doesn't heal fast, so she's made a point to toughen herself up to deal with more damage than normal. Of course, pushing her past those limits will leave her down for far longer…)
Personal Gear
Dart Gun

Evangelion Unit 08 Statistics:

Designations and Design Body
Line Tactical / Ranged Unit Location armor current armor max wounds current wounds max Critical damage
Number Designation 08 Head/Body 2 4 2 4 3 9 5 9
Primary Color Dark Green L./R.ARM 2 2 2 2 5 5 5 5
Secondary Color Bright White L./R.LEG 2 2 2 2 5 5 5 5
Current Damage:
Unit 08 is undamaged. Symbol is undamaged.
SR WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Notes
31-50 36 (3) 44 (4) 30 (3) 30 (3) 25 (2) 37 (3) 37 (3) 31 (3) 28 (2) +10 to resist feedback
51-70 46 (4) 54 (5) 30 (3) 30 (3) 35 (3) 37 (3) 37 (3) 31 (3) 28 (2)
71-90 46 (4) 54 (5) 30 (3) 30 (3) 35 (3) 37 (3) 37 (3) 31 (3) 28 (2) -10 to resist feedback, 1/session reroll failed BS or WS test
Berserk +10 WS; +20 S,T; +2 ATS; 30 Per,WP,Int; N/A Fel
Weapon/Device Type Damage Location Effects Notes
Progressive Knife MK 1 Basic, Melee 1d5+1 R Dock Progessive, Compact Fitted snugly within dock, ready for use. Roll damage twice, pick highest when used. 3 PEN.
Pallet Gun Basic 1d10 I Standby Inaccurate, Unreliable 30 DM range, S/-/3 ROF, 0 PEN, 6 shots, 1 full action to reload
Knife Dock N/A N/A Left Wing NA Holds Prog. Knife.
Unique traits
Soul : Bonded
The Evangelion seems to have an emotional attachment with its chosen pilot, and the pilot’s SR increases by 3. However, it will not function for anyone else under any circumstances, even rejecting Dummy Plugs. They're stuck with Jen as the pilot for now at least.
Mutation: Extra Eyes
The Evangelion has an eye on everybody, all at once. A total of six eyes look out upon the world. (1/round reroll failed Awareness Test, +3 BS)
Construction: Weapon Rack
This model allows for convenient storage of basic EVA-sized weapons on a handy-dandy rack mounted along the back (not that said weapon can be carried through Launch; it must be acquired afterwards).
History: Symbol
Something other people are proud of decorates the armor of this Evangelion, and if it remains attached and undamaged (no area attacks through the AT field and no critical damage), then we receive an extra 1d5 surplus.

Character Advancement:

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