Adelaide Baudelaire


Adelaide is a peppy, happy young girl from Germany. She always seems eager to try new things, especially being in the country of her dreams, and she never seems to meet an enemy.


In Progress.

Background and other things

Foreign slut.

Character Sheet

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 10 10 10 10 10 16
Bonus: 0 0 0 0 0 +3

6 PP

Saves and Combat:

Name Total Notes/Sources
Toughness: +0/+8 Natural/Force Field
Reflex: +4/+8 Bought/Boost
Fortitude: +4/+8 Bought/Boost
Will: +4/+8 Bought/Boost
Name Total Notes/Sources
Attack: +4/+8/+9 Natural/Blasts/Accurate Attack (Melee)
Defense: 13/18 Defense/Dodge
Initiative: +0 Bought
Grapple: +4 Natural
Knockback resistance: -4 Natural
Bruised Staggered Unconscious
- - -
Injured Disabled Dying
- - -
Fatigued Exhausted Unconscious
- - -

30 PP

Carrying Capacity:
(in lb):

- Manual
Light Load lbs
Medium Load lbs
Heavy Load lbs
Maximum Load lbs
Push/Drag lbs

Movement Rates:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 88 feet 20MPH
Jumping 20 feet


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 8 +0 +8
Bluff 0 +3/+13 +3/+13
Climb 0 +0 +0
Computers 4 +4 +4
Concentration 4 +4 +4
Diplomacy 0 +3/+13 +3/+13
Disguise 3 +3 +3
Drive 4 +4 +4
Escape Artist 0 +0 +0
Gamble 0 +0 +0
Gather Information 3 +3 +3
Handle Animal 4 +3 +7
Intimidate 0 +3 +3
Knowledge (Military) 8 +8 +8
Knowledge (Idols) 4 +4 +4
Knowledge (Japanese Culture) 4 +4 +4
Linguistics 4 +4 +4
Medicine 4 +4 +4
Navigate 0 +0 +0
Notice 8 +8 +8
Search 0 +0 +0
Sense Motive 0 +0 +0
Stealth 4 +4 +4
Survival 4 +4 +4
Swim 4 +4 +4

18 PP


Feat Name:Accurate Attack Save DC -5, Attack +5
Feat Name:All-out attack Defense -5, Attack +5
Feat Name:Attack Flurry III For every 2 Addy beats enemy defense, +1 damage, up to +5. Only works with her Strike.
Feat Name:Attractive III +12 Bluff/Diplomacy vs. attracted NPCs.
Feat Name:Benefit Magical girl effects.
Feat Name:Bishoujo Successful interaction skill increases NPC affection towards Helpful
Feat Name:Dodge Focus III +3 Defense
Feat Name:Evasion I No damage on successful save vs. Area effect.
Feat Name:Improved Block +2 on attack rolls to block
Feat Name:Luck II 2 reroll per session
Feat Name:Tiger Leap Double leaping power
Feat Name:Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Retain dodge bonus to defense
Feat Name:Weapon Bind Free disarm on successful block
Feat Name:Windracer Speed 1

14 PP

Soul Weapons

Sternschneider Device 8 Energy Cost: —
Acton: — Range: — Duration: —
Extra(s): Barrier Guide Flaw(s): Soul Weapon Drawback(s): —
Descriptors: Magic, Slashing Feat(s): A Soul Weapon. Can be taken with a successful disarm attempt.

One of Addy's Soul Weapons, "Sternschneider", takes the form of a necklace or talisman of a wire-frame butterfly, filled in with precious gems. In magical form, it forms itself into a sword, usually shaped somewhat like a katana, but always with a serrated edge. It contains half of the Heilig Pfeil array, as well as some unique abilities.

Pendragon Device 8 Energy Cost: —
Acton: — Range: — Duration: —
Extra(s): Barrier Guide Flaw(s): Soul Weapon Drawback(s): —
Descriptors: Magic Feat(s): A Soul Weapon. Can be taken with a successful disarm attempt.

Addy's other Soul Weapon. While the base of the Weapon is a barette she keeps in her hair or on the side of her beret in magical form, the weapon frequently manifests as a seemingly living string of runes that moves across her skin like a snake, and reforms itself to assist in certain attacks. Sometimes, she talks to it. It contains half of the Heilig Pfeil array, as well as some unique abilities.

Heilig Pfeil Blast 8 Energy Cost: 0
Acton: Standard Range: Ranged Duration: Instant
Extra(s): Reduced Energy Cost II Flaw(s): Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magic Feat(s): Accurate II A regular blast attack that costs no energy. Requires an attack roll. (1d20+8 DC23 toughness w/ both soul weapons, 1d20+8 dc19 w/ one)

Using energy gathered from her surroundings by her soul weapons, Adelaide can fire a nondescript bolt or wave of energy, either from her hand or her sword.

Liebestern Love Control 8 Energy Cost: 2 energy
Acton: Standard Range: Perception Duration: Sustained
Extra(s):Selective, Subtle Flaw(s): Uncontrolled, Sense-dependent (Olfactory) Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magic, Pheremone Feat(s): Emotion Control: Love. DC 18 Will save. Uncontrolled.

Perhaps due in part to her wish, Adelaide occasionally releases a burst of magical pheremones. People just can't help but love her.

Sternritter Force Field 8 Energy Cost: 4
Acton: Free (Active) Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): Flaw(s): Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Feat(s): +8 toughness

Addy is surrounded by an ethereal suit of armor that protects her from all but the most dangerous assaults.

Sternschneider Strike 6 Energy Cost: 4
Acton: Standard Range: Touch Duration: Instant
Extra(s): Mighty, Vampiric Flaw(s): Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Feat(s): 1d20+4 dc21 toughness

Addy can use her sword as a sword. It drinks the blood of its foes.

Vollständig Boost 8 Energy Cost: 4 energy/turn
Acton: Standard Range: Personal Duration: 8 turns
Extra(s): Flaw(s): Tiring, Depressing Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magic, Awesome Feat(s): Boosts Addie's Blast Array by 8.

By opening up channels of power that she normally tries to hide, Adelaide can give her abilities a powerful boost — it tends to leave her rather drained, though, and she prefers not to use it.

Flight Flight 2 Energy Cost: 2 energy/turn
Acton: Move Range: Personal Duration:Sustained
Extra(s): Flaw(s): ** **Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magic Feat(s): Flight, 25mph, 220ft./r

Addy can fly.

PP spent on powers:


Dark Secret II: Adelaide has two dark secrets — one that plagues her every day, and one she tried to leave behind.
Misunderstanding: Adelaide's Japanese isn't perfect, and can lead to comedy or horror, or both.
PTSD: Adelaide has a nasty past.
Part-time job: Adelaide works as a waitress in a Maid Cafe.


Holding Back III

Energy, Despair, and other things.

Energy Points
Total Current*
100 40


Some Other Things
Hero Points 1
Villain Points 0/8
Despair 1/8
Essence 0
Wealth +8

Power Points/Experience

Total Power Points: 122
Power Points gained via Essence: 2

Power Point Expenditures

  • 1PP spent on mystery
  • 1PP spent on Know: Arcana

Pre-Contract PL 1 Sheet

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