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What's with this "Everyday Magical Girls" thing, anyway?

"Everyday Magical Girls" refers to an ongoing roleplaying campaign in which, you guess it, the characters are magical girls. It tends to reference a lot of the tropes of the genre, and things tend to move along with a mostly character-driven plot. Especially because the GM is making things up more or less as he goes along. The actual sessions take place weekly, and are played online via IRC.

The original "Everyday magical girls" campaign is over, but the channel has the same name, so this wiki's now more for whatever games are going on, even if they don't involve magic, or girls. We don't really care, as long as we have fun, right?


Each of the players that hang out in the room, Products to help RP quality, etc.
Meta things
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Ongoing games

Games in progress.

Vampire The Masquerade

Run by Thoon, Using a botched version of v5 Rules, The Thinblood population are building momentum for an uprising using a strange new discipline.


Run by Thoon, A series of adventures from a group of collective super heroes, and it will be entirely a happy silver age story where nothing dark happens at all.

Exalted Curtain Call


Experimental Sunday Burners and training ground for anyone with interest in GMing

Into the Skysea

Starf does horrible gestalt pathfinder things in a horrible homebrew setting. Airships, flying islands, exploding wizards, and all that fun stuff.

Lets go die in a dungeon!

One shot/pick up game taking place at a castle in a mountain range. Go over hex tiles to get to the castle. Roll for wandering monsters. Die first round because you were a wizard and had just had to put that 1,2,6 into your con and had 3 HP! Happily march into that good night multiple times in this old school dungeon crawl, regardless of where this takes place xomko gets to roll you attributes!

Maid Hero Academia M&M3 play by postish. Learn about your powers and friendship, or something like that!

Ties That Bind Coctober special

Planned Games

Games which are still in planning, On hiatus, or haven't started yet.

Adventurers Wanted 2 : Mauve days ahead Adventure wanted 2! More thrills! More Adventure! More Supense!*

*except not.
Shorter form AW. Still sillyness pick your flavor of the week abound. This time you're working for the advancment of the demonlord.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness

To be run by Thoon in the near future possibly. Will take place casually over Google Wave, ask Thoon for an invite to the program and game if interested.
A classic campaign, made by Chaosium. A tragedy in the year 1933, telling the tale of a group of investigators who sign up for the Starkweather-Moore expedition, from new york to the antarctic, in a quest for science, what they discover, and how these revelations change their lives forever.

Golden Sky Stories

A comfy game of heartwarming roleplaying in a small, rural Japanese town. Help people with their problems and tell happy stories in a game where violence is not the answer and there is seriously zero chance of this devolving into Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

Double Cross

A Japanese game in which you have superpowers thanks to a crazy virus that's probably not really a virus. The more you use those powers, the more the virus encroaches on our mind. let it take over, and you become a monster called a Gjaum, who can only be taken down by other Overed superhumans, or copious application of conventional firepower. There's a lot of conspiracy if you want to go deep that way, or it can…not do that. Honestly, this is Japanese anime X-men with some neat mechanics.

Wyrm shield : Lunatics babble as they travel

5 E D&D game with a few minor tweaks.

Completed or Retired Games

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